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During the advent of internet for the masses in the 1990s, the .com boom created over 8 million millionaires from people investing in the business of being online.

During this time, the smart money was buying, selling and developing good domain names.

The U.S. has never known a greater period for this kind of investment.
Global Domains International is recreating this moment globally.

Who are GDI?

Global Domains International provides the same services as the likes of Namecheap, GoDaddy and BlueHost, allowing people to buy and register domain names with their domain and hosting service. GDI and the Samoan Government have partnered up, allowing their services to be provided throughout the world.

What makes GDI different, however, is that they only sell top-level .ws domain names. Let’s say I decided to purchase this website’s domain name with GDI, the web address would be www.name.ws

Using .ws as the extension solves multiple pre-existing Internet problems. For one, in doing this GDI opens the Internet up further to more countries being able to use their own native characters and language in their domains, in a safe way. Each domain registered with .ws will come with free private registration. This, coupled with geographic and political freedom, allows any one person or company to distribute their content on their own website, in their preferred language.

Better still, using a .ws domain name means that no unrest in any country can restrict access to their website, as .ws maintains Internet servers all over the world, and cannot be taken offline.

What are you getting when you choose Global Domains International?

A personal domain using .ws

Fast and simple web creation

• Designer Website Templates: Professionally created templates to provide the basis of your new site, made by graphic designers.

• No Coding: Absolutely no need for complicated programming or coding know-how, just simple steps to help you create your dream website.

• Help & Maintenance: Do it your way! Create your site quickly, with the option to make alterations later on, or take your time producing the website of your dreams. There is always the opportunity to preview your site before it goes public

Your own email addresses

• WebMail: You can create an email address using your own domain name. You also have access to all your site’s emails from anywhere you want.

• Forwarding Service: Using WebMail, you have the possibility to forward your emails for your domain’s email to one of your pre-existing accounts.

• IMAP/POP Access: If you use a POP or IMAP compatible program for your emails, you can access your email for any domain name.

Elective web services

Web Hosting: Web hosting is the next step to jumpstart your website online. GDI’s web hosting service allows you to create your website with more control: override the restrictions mentioned previously to have complete freedom.

GDI’s Affiliate Program

The affiliate program has been going since 2004 and is as easy and effective as it’s always been. Under a unique structure, they pay out 50% of all received revenue.

By taking part in this affiliate program, you will be part of a 5 level compensation structure and will get 10% commission on revenue from each layer. Plus, there’s no limit to your potential income as you can have as many level 1 affiliates you can have.


Global Domains (1)

Succeed in Global Domains International In 3 Steps.

1. Copy 2. Paste 3. Earn

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The math is simple here: if you yourself bring in 5 affiliates, and they do the same, you will be responsible for the creation of a network of nearly 4000 affiliates.

Better still, each time one of them makes or spends money on one of our services, you get 10% per transaction, giving you access to a long-term source of income.

Get commission on…

Downline Registrations

Joining Global Domains International means finding compatible people. As they sell international domain names every day, you have the opportunity to make money whenever someone within your 5 layer network makes a purchase on a domain in any capacity. All sales on domains made by referral will be rewarded with a 10% commission as paid by GDI, as well as 10% on any made by a referral of your referral, all the way through the system. That gives you a total of 50% paid out.

Downline Hosting Packages

Just like with domain registrations, you’ll also get 10% commission on any hosting package purchases throughout your network. Not only that, but you’ll also get 10% on all of the monthly fees paid in your network.

Downline Auction Sales

Once anyone who has sold an international domain name has received a 90% share from the name’s auction, the remaining 10% will be halved: 5% to Global Domains International and 5% split among the seller’s 5 upline affiliates.

E.g. if someone in your downline auctions a domain for $50,000 you’ll receive 1% of their sale price, irrespective of what they originally paid for the name.

The more you contribute to the GDI network, the more you get rewarded. Whenever any sales are generated within your 5 layer community, everyone gets a reward.

The Global Domains International Recipe

GDI is taking novices and transforming them into online experts. You can go from having never tried anything like this before, to being a complete success with the help of Global Domains International. If this is what you want, GDI has the recipe to attain stunning results.

Firstly, if you want to have a successful start-up you need to make sure you have a service or product you want to offer to your consumers. Luckily, by joining this community, GDI have this part taken care of. When you become a member, you gain a product.

Secondly, you need to make sure your product or service has general appeal. It needs to fill a gap in the market: a necessity or a desire; your consumer needs what you’re offering. Once again, GDI has got you covered, with our background research making sure our product has mass appeal.

Next, you must think about start-up costs: the lower, the better. We all know that the first few months of any new business is key, as the owner has to transform their slim budget into healthy earnings. GDI is aware of that, so their system is free of start-up costs: once you join, you’re on your way.

What Is Global Domains International
Now, you need to ensure what you’re selling is good value for the consumer, enough that they want it on a monthly subscription. For you, that means an increased and regular income. This is a necessity for any successful business model.

So how do you get your product out there? You will, of course, need an automatic system that ensures your products is out there on the worldwide market. Fortunately, GDI products are sold around the globe on a daily basis. Having an electronic and instant delivery systems also makes sure that there are satisfied customers in any country you sell to.

With this helpful 5-step recipe, you can ensure a healthy start-up. The only things you need to bring to the table in order to succeed, is a natural drive and a willingness to make success a reality. If you put just a small amount of energy into promoting GDI, you can have a taste of accomplishment.

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Global Domains (1)

Succeed in Global Domains International In 3 Steps.

1. Copy 2. Paste 3. Earn

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